Insurance Day Award

Adsensa together with Catlin and CMS win the "Insurance Initiative of the Year" Award.

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Adsensa is proud to sponsor a programming skills tournament for technology students in Illinois.

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“Wordsensa is the London Market’s technology of choice for contract certainty.”

Alex Letts, RI3K

Winning with Contract Quality

Adsensa’s Contract Quality delivers proof that automated contract review can revolutionise the insurance underwriting process. Adsensa, jointly with Catlin and CMS winners of the 2014 Insurance Day Insurance Initiative of the Year, showed that Contract Quality can enable underwriters to benefit from a level of automation in complex commercial contract and legal risk analysis which had never before been possible.

Automating the checking of contract quality is hard, which is why this is considered such a powerful innovation. Adsensa’s Contract Quality creates consistency where it had never been before. No other offering in the market can accurately compare, analyse and elicit information from multiple documents simultaneously, irrespective of format, as quickly or efficiently as Adsensa products.

Our products allow easy clarification and extraction of important information from PDF, Word, Image or scanned documents in up to 60% less time, whilst significantly reducing the potential for error or omission. Proven as vital tools for many organisations and experts working within insurance, banking, legal and other commercial areas to reduce risk and improve quality and efficiency, see how Adsensa products and solutions could help you.

Wordsensa® Software Products

Wordsensa Professional


Wordsensa® is an intelligent document analysis software platform and rich set of document analysis tools.

Wordsensa® Professional allows those dealing with large numbers of valuable documents to quickly and accurately compare, analyse and group multiple documents on their desktop.More


Wordsensa Vision


Wordsensa® Vision™ combines some of this functionality with additional tools and the ability to integrate into workflow and document management systems. Accessed via a browser it provides a highly scalable operational environment for users to share documents and data, commenting and iterating through to completion, for better document conformance and qualitative analysis. More

Adsensa Solutions

Coupled with our ground breaking technical expertise we have a sound understanding of the challenges facing different industries and a strategic, thorough and collaborative approach to solving business issues that arise from them.

We use this to provide pre-defined solutions to address particular business sector issues or requirements and to offer bespoke product & service solutions for individual client needs.