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Many Powerful Tools in One Integrated Platform

We originally developed our software to meet the demands of the insurance industry. Brokers needed a way to streamline the tedious manual verification process of clauses, contracts and other documents. Over time, our platform has grown to include features that allow it to be used across many industries, including banking, legal, technology, and healthcare. Now, we have brought these features together (along with brand new capabilities) into one complete solution, helping our customers make sense of contracts and documents with unmatched ease.

Wordsensa Professional

Wordsensa Professional allowed users to compare and review multiple contracts at once, enabling wording experts and those dealing with large numbers of valuable documents to effectively review and analyse specific elements within numerous documents.

Adsensa Insight

Adsensa Insight is a powerful search engine that allows users to quickly search across their entire portfolios for crucial intelligence. Insight contains a number of advanced search parameters that users can define themselves, allowing them to cross-reference entire portfolios of documents by paragraph, clause, or clause variant.

Adsensa Insight Screenshot

One Comprehensive Product

In 2016, our team will launch Adsensa OneVision, bringing together all of these features into a new and exciting platform. With new reporting and integration capabilities and stronger features overall, OneVision will help users improve efficiency in the contract analysis process with more comprehensive tools than ever before. Visit our features page to learn more about the improvements that Adsensa OneVision can bring to your business.

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